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First kindergarten in Pskov Region built and put into operation on the investor's dime

19 January 2022

The building of the kindergarten was errected under an investment agreement with the Administration of the Pskov Region. The works, including the installation of new engineering networks, cost the investor 150 million rubles. For the first time in the Pskov Region, a kindergarten construction project has been implemented at the expense of a private investor with its further transfer to the municipality.

Svetlana Sibilkova, Deputy General Director of Group of Companies LUG, stressed the benefits that the collaboration of Regional government and business will bring to the citizens, as well as the importance of integrated development of the territory for new settlers.

"The twelfth and fourteenth microdistricts that we are building have grown to the scale of a small city in recent years," Svetlana Sibilkova said. "Not every district town counts as many people as there are living here. The priority for us is the comfortable life of new settlers. I hope the new kindergarten will make a significant contribution to this."

The kindergarten will start working as a municipal one, that is, it will be under the jurisdiction of the Municipalitie's Department for Education, the admission of children will be conducted on a general basis and for a fee standard for other kindergartens in Pskov. The institution is designed for 140 places or seven groups, including three nurseries.

The two-storey building was built from improved concrete panels produced at the Group of Companie's own concrete plant DSK, which has recently been modernized. An Otis elevator has been installed between the two floors, designed, among other things, for use by people with limited mobility. A special bathroom is equipped for the same category. The rooms are equipped with bathrooms and intercoms. The floor covering in the assembly and sports halls is designed for intensive use. The food preparation unit is equipped with exhaust systems.  On the playgrounds of the kindergarten there are installed play complexes designed for different ages of pupils.