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Group of Companies LUG opened a new real estate agency LUG Realt

3 December 2021

Real estate is something that many people buy once in a lifetime. Who can one trust at such a crucial moment? Is it possible to exchange an old flat for a new appartment? How to complete all legal paperwork and registration procedures without getting lost in administrative bottlenecks? All these questions are answered in the new Real Estate Agency LUG Realt.

On December 1, a festive atmosphere reigned in the office of GC LUG. Balloons, a photo zone and congratulations sounding from all sides - on this day, the new Real Estate Agency LUG Realt was opened.

"LUG Realt is a structural division of the  Group of Companies LUG, the largest developer in the Pskov Region, which became famous for the construction of residential and commercial real estate, shopping complexes. The Group of Companies has a long-standing positive reputation in the region. Now the time has come when we need to help our people to upgrade there living buying a new housing!" - said Svetlana Sibilkova, Sales Director of GC LUG.

The new agency will work under the "Trade in" program, which Pskov residents could already try when buying and selling cars or household appliances.

"We realized that a lot of people, having lodgings that they have already outgrown, want to sell, and buy an apartment in a new building. At the same time, one would like, as is now customary, to receive a "one window" service. Therefore, we are opening a Real Estate Agency where you can sell an apartment, buy a new one and register the transaction in one place," explained Svetlana Sibilkova.

Among the advantages of the new agency, the sales director named its affiliation to a large group of companies, which guarantees an impeccable business reputation and a high degree of reliability. In addition, the agency provides an opportunity to get new buildings instead of an old apartment at a fixed price. This is very profitable, because prices are rising for everything on the market today, Svetlana Sibilkova added.

"It is important to note: in our region, the work of a real estate agency under the "Trade In" program is a pilot project. Today our agency is officially opening, but technically we have been working on this program for more than a month. Without excessive bragging, I will say that during this time we have gained a positive experience!" concluded the sales director.

Svetlana Sibilkova introduced Andrey Shapovalov, the director of the newly minted real estate agency, to the audience and opened a new office space in the long corridor of the LUG Group office with a golden key.

"We entered this room incorrectly! - Igor Trepov, Deputy Retail Manager of the Pskov branch of Sberbank, took the floor. - It's traditional to let a cat enter a new space first. We offer to let the Sberbank mascot-cat play this role. We have chosen a cat sitting on the sofa especially for you. He is  relaxed, because he has completed the whole plan to have a new home and successfully concluded all the deals."

Igor Trepov called GC LUG the largest partner of Sberbank.

"Every fourth mortgage transaction in Pskov takes place with you. And we are very glad that you are developing your business during the pandemic, when other businesses are  on the contrary struggling. You have decided to use all the opportunities for development. Therefore, we wish you success!" concluded the representative of Sberbank.

In response, Svetlana Sibilkova reminded that Sberbank was the first bank in cooperation with which the LUG Group launched the use of electronic services in high demand today.

"Scientists have found out that for happiness, a person always needs to have the opportunity to choose. And the clients of GC LUG have such an opportunity! They can choose a partner bank for the transaction - Sberbank or VTB. I want to say that VTB Bank is our success story. We are engaged not only in residential, but also in commercial real estate. Thanks to the fact that VTB believed in our project, we were able to build the first and only Aquapolis water park and shopping center in the region. These were all credit funds from VTB. We are happy to work with such partners!" said Svetlana Sibilkova.

Deputy Governor of VTB Bank Tatiana Khaustova stressed that this difficult business year the Group of Companies LUG ends with a "new brainchild" and called it a very bold step.

"Let it be a profitable and joyful business. We wish everyone the realization of bold ideas that lie ahead. And to the team we wish health, fulfillment of all plans and further development!" - Tatyana Khaustova said.

Denis Ivanov, head of the Group of Companies Center for Roofing and Facade Systems, said that his company has been cooperating with the LUG Group for about 10 years.

"Professionals work here! You can always come to them with confidence that you will get what you want! The group of companies has built many of our shopping malls and a water park. These are the objects to which we are always happy to come and bring guests. Pskov has become more modern. The fact that they go further and open a new real estate agency, having already a name on the market, is excellent!" added Denis Ivanov.

In conclusion, Svetlana Sibilkova thanked Ian Luzin, who supported the idea of creating a new real estate agency, Andrey Shapovalov, the head of the agency, and all employees of Group of Companies LUG. The real estate market in Pskov is developing rapidly. Pskov residents no longer need to worry about selling an old apartment when buying a new one. Handwritten adverticements at the entrances and bus-stops are a thing of the past, because now you can profitably exchange old housing for a new one under the "Trade in" program from the LUG Real Estate agency.