Hotel Oktyabrskaya

The Oktyabrskaya Hotel is located in the historical and cultural center of the city on its main avenue.

Within walking distance from the hotel are all the main attractions of the city - the Pskov Kremlin and Trinity Cathedral, the walls and the most famous towers of the roundabout city, pedestrian areas of the embankments, Summer Garden and a Children's Park, the largest museum of Pskov, located in the historic building of the chambers of merchant Pogankin, ancient churches of the unique Pskov school of architecture, many of which are recognized as UNESCO monuments, restored buildings of the provincial Pskov of previous centuries, Academic Drama theater named after A.S. Pushkin.

The past of the hotel gives it an additional charm. "Oktyabrskaya" has existed since 1937 and has never been renamed. The building with natural granite steps and half-columns, oak panels and stucco made a majestic impression, and till now preserves the style of the early XX century.

The "Oktyabrskaya" was visited by major executives of the Soviet Union, the creative elite, representatives of foreign delegations, including the twin cities of Arles, Kuopio, Perth, Tartu and Gera.

Now the hotel offers its guests a room stock of 150 rooms for more than 200 guests. You can choose high class accommodation, single and double rooms of different comfort level, as well as rooms for family accommodation.

Additional services include a guarded parking lot, an atelier, a solarium, a barber shop, a laundry room, as well as tourist bureau services.

Additional information is available on the hotel's website

  • Address Pskov, Oktyabrsky Avenue, 36
  • Number of rooms 150
years of work
comfortable rooms